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Although Belgium is one of the smallest countries in Europe, it has a prominent position in international design and fashion.
During all of European history, Belgium has always been the crossroad of main European cultures.
From the very early start of modern history it was the tangent, the link between northern and southern Europe.

The Eden jewellery fits completely in this continuous process of different cultures influencing each other.
It combines the Latin exuberance and extravagance with the Nordic soberness and solidity.
It summarizes the best of both worlds; it is sensual, fashionable and stylish.


Technically speaking, Eden jewellery is made to the highest quality standards.
Each jewel manufactured by Eden is tested and controlled for comfort and durability before being brought into the collection.

Eden models are available in 18k yellow, pink and white gold. All the white gold items are made out of the special nickel free alloy of gold and palladium.
Therfore, the Eden jewel will not turn yelow after the rhodium layer is worn off. The combination of gold and palladium offers a pleasant feeling weight and accentuates the value of the precious item.
On request, Eden jewels can also be realized in platinum.

Eden Jewels are handmade and therefor unique. The images on our site are examples.
Pieces with natural stones may present different shades of colour or flaws, according to the nature of the stone itself.


Being located close to Antwerp, the world diamond center, Eden uses high quality diamonds only.
All diamonds set in Eden standard jewellery are top wesselton.

Diamonds from 0.20 ct and bigger are even more special as they are all perfect brilliant cut diamonds referred to as "hearts and arrows".
Looking through a special magnifying glass, the typical "hearts and arrows" pattern can be discovered inside the stone.
Not only does this add to the romance of buying a jewel, it also makes the diamond shine as no other.

All of our stones are ”conflict-free diamonds “.

Eden has a large stock of loose certified diamonds, which can be set in many of our models thus creating a more personalized unique eden jewel.
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